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Professor Haylie Snyder
8 July 1977
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Professor Haylie Snyder
Name: Professor Haylie Snyder
Codenames/Aliases: Spitfire, Mutant #1846, Marisa Connors (Alias)
Nicknames: Prof Snyder, Spitshine, Hail
Age: 31
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Professor at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Background Check
Haylie was raised on Staten Island by her parents, Richard – a successful biochemical engineer with his own company in the Financial District of Manhattan – and her mother (an Italian immigrant out of Rome), a police officer, who reside in their current home in the East Village of Manhattan.

Haylie was a bright and promising child, who excelled in academics, music, and sports (much to her mother's dismay). Growing up there were many arguments between Haylie and her father about her "un-ladylike" nature and sharp tongue. Isabella was a patient and kind woman, who had accepted the fact her daughter would not be the domestic goddess she was pushing for (instead proving to be more like her cop mother), so instead she taught Haylie to sing and play guitar.

Due to having such busy working parents, Haylie spent a lot of her childhood caring for herself and her little sister Katelyn (who is now married with a child of her own and living on Staten Island), while studying foreign languages in her free time. This accounts for the two’s very close bond, Haylie’s highly independent nature, and her multi-lingual skills.

Haylie's optimistic nature had been changed for good when on the summer of her 19th birthday she had been attacked on her way home and had blown her attacker to pieces, her power manifesting suddenly. Scared and ultimately confused, she ran away until discovering the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children. There she spent her final years of college learning to control and harness her power before graduating with a double-major in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Afterwards she attended the NYC Police Academy, graduating at the top of her class. Haylie quickly worked her way up the ranks to Detective, 3rd Grade, for Manhattan’s 27th precinct when she was 25. She spent 4 years in Homicide with her partner Detective Jason Morris, whom she grew extremely close to.

Following the death of Senator Robert Kelly and the enactment of the Mutant Registration System, Haylie had been faced with deep prejudice and hatred by her brothers in blue after her registration was made public. She had made the decision to retire before being fired for being a mutant and having Internal Affairs take out her partner Jason Morris, whom she’d cared for deeply. This decision is something that haunts her to this day, as becoming a detective was her life’s dream.

After retirement from the force, she retreated back to the Xavier Institute, where she spent a year teaching Italian History, Psychology, and Martial Arts to other mutant children. There she met (and slept with) Wolverine, an affair that ended in disaster when he began a relationship with Dr. Hope Chandler. This brought Haylie to her colleague’s older brother, Michael. The two quickly fell in love and after five months of dating, they got engaged August 13th, 2007. The couple have yet to set a wedding date.
Psychological Profile
Codenamed "Spitfire" for her ability, she has been shown to live up to that name. Haylie is in some respects child-like in nature, a result of having to grow up too fast. She is fiercely independent and self-reliant, from caring for herself and Katelyn growing up and having to watch her back after becoming a mutant. Haylie has a somewhat explosive temper which she has been gradually able to dampen and channel in healthier ways over time. She possesses a sharp tongue, sarcastic wit, and is known to detect conspiracies almost anywhere.
From experiencing so much hardship after becoming a mutant and being outcast by her fellow officers, she has built up a large series of walls and a thick outer shell to protect her from getting hurt. Haylie is intelligent, caring, and compassionate, but this is often masked by her snide remarks and harsh attitude toward people. In spite of her (at times) explosive temper, Haylie is generally a non-violent person by nature; never using her ability to kill, only to disarm. Even in her greatest moment of rage and pain she is not capable of willingly taking a life and as such holds a deep resentment and hatred for those who willingly choose to kill. (Including a well-hidden resentment toward herself for the life she took when her powers manifested.)
Possessing a deep sense of social justice, Haylie has little respect for people who manipulate and harm others to get ahead. She became an agent to help right the wrongs she suffered and inflicted because of the military’s abuse of power toward mutants. Her ability however, the power to destroy, has impacted her deeply. Haylie is incredibly sensitive about her power and often resents what she’s become.
In spite of being a loner by nature, Haylie is fiercely loyal to those she deems family. Her natural tendency to push people away has complicated her relationships but when she finds someone completely willing to fight the pain and stand by her side, she dedicates herself. With this loyalty comes a strong sense of dutifulness on her part, causing her to become extremely defensive of her family.
Haylie has little respect for government authority since they were the ones she blames for the loss of her job. She holds a very strong sense of right and wrong, which does cause trouble with her friends, partners, and commanding officers. Due to the loss of her job with the NYPD and her deep, almost romantic bond with ex-partner Jason Morris, she is extremely bitter and cynical.
Genetic Mutation
Haylie’s powers are best described as similar in structure to that of a rose. There’s a core component to her abilities and several layers (the petals) surrounding it to form a complex mutant ability.
-Sonic expulsion (Level 1): Combining energy and air molecules, Haylie can create loud sonic booms with the snap of her fingers and large shockwaves that can extend to a 20-foot radius.
-Kinetic expulsion (Level 2): Channeling body heat into the ground or an object, Haylie can create explosions ranging from the force of a firecracker to that of a bomb up to a 100-foot radius.
-Molecular dissolution (Level 3): [This level was attained post-evolution and still requires careful handling, as Haylie is still learning how to control it and it requires much more energy.] Exciting molecules in an object to their explosive limit, she can completely shred apart an object, turning it to dust or decimating it completely. During this stage, her irises turn a fiery shade of red, and it’s also the most dangerous for her to remain in.
-Infrared vision: Due to her evolution, Haylie developed a unique ability to track heat signals. This ability is reminiscent of a python or pit viper’s ability to track movement and “see” heat due to infrared-receptors (in the grooves between the eyes and nostrils) or labial pits on the upper lip. Instead of receptors or labial pits, Haylie’s irises turn a complete shade of white and the change in neurochemistry involved gives her the ability to see and sense heat.
-Fever projection: With a touch, Haylie can use her energy to “overheat” people or animals, raising their body temperature to dangerous levels, in turn killing them. This is an ability Haylie is unaware she possesses and would refuse to utilize.
-Psionic Imperviousness: Due to the immense amount of control required by Haylie’s powers, she has several mental walls set up deep within her subconscious in order to protect everyone from herself and regulate her body functions. As a result, Haylie is unaffected by low-level psychic abilities.
Physical Anomalies
-Denser skeleton and muscular structure
-"Stronger" internal organs
-Thicker skin
-Enhanced endurance and strength
-More reactive reflexes
-Elevated core body temperature (104.2 degrees Fahrenheit)
-Heightened sense of sight/touch
-Enlarged hypothalamus
-Good balance
Chemical Anomalies
-Elevated base metabolism
-Increased calorie consumption
-Increased neurological activity
-Frequent "tingling" sensations when energy stores up
-High levels of energy and restlessness
-Strong focus
Personal Contacts
Detective Isabella Snyder: Haylie’s mother is a Vice detective in Manhattan and the inspiration for Haylie to become a cop. She has been incredibly supportive and understanding of her daughter’s struggle with her mutant abilities and the loss of her job. Isabella has been faced with a lot of stigma from her colleagues because of her daughter’s mutant status.
Dr. Richard Snyder: A biochemical engineer with his own company’s office in the Financial District of Manhattan, Richard is Haylie’s workaholic, but doting father. Haylie does not see him much, but he has always been supportive of his daughter.
Katelyn Warren: Haylie’s only sibling – her younger sister who married in 2003 just before having her daughter Madison (who happens to have a soft spot for Michael – calling him Mr. Magic Man) with her husband Christopher. Katelyn is a journalist for the New York Ledger and is very close to Haylie.
Michael Chandler: Michael is one of the infamous Chandler Shipping heirs, a rich Southerner with his own farming business out in Bootlick, Nebraska. His sister is Hope Chandler, one of the Institute’s medical staff. He is Haylie’s doting fiancé and a mutant himself – though unlike Haylie he is not registered and is incredibly secretive about his abilities.
Professor Charles Xavier: The founder of the Xavier Institute and Haylie’s most respected friend. He is responsible for taking Haylie in and teaching her all about controlling her powers and learning to accept who she is.
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